Une traduction anglaise pour Les filles en série

Nous sommes fières d’annoncer que la traduction anglaise des Filles en sérieSerial girls, vient de paraître chez Between the Lines à Toronto. Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood en est la traductrice.

« What lies in the meaning of the word girl? This is the central question in Serial Girls, a refreshing feminist analysis of the reproduction of femininity defined according to narrow, patriarchal ideals where doll-like sameness is desirable, and fantasies and fetishes about girls abound. Using examples that include Barbie, beauty pageants, cover girls, RealDolls, Little Red Riding Hood, Pussy Riot, and the television series Girls, Martine Delvaux looks beyond the image and explores how these serial girls can be read as a form of resistance, representing real desires and refusing the limits of sameness. Put Pussy Riot at maximum volume and get your Barbies out of storage – the Serial Girls revolution is here! » Kim Snowden, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice, University of British Columbia

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